A Grand Tour of Understories


I’m not sure whether to call this a review or a grand tour; either way, it’s surely one of the most astoundingly in-depth explorations of UNDERSTORIES to date. And it’s also one of those reviews from which I really learned stuff–from the fact that Gauguin painted winter scenes (like the above) to less tangible things about my own stories. Thanks to Karen Carlson for taking it apart and putting it back together so elegantly and eloquently at her blog, A Just Recompense.


One response to “A Grand Tour of Understories”

  1. Hi Tim – hey, thanks back at ya! But please, whatever you call it, don’t call it a review – I don’t know how to write book reviews. I used to call my posts “comments” but just recently I tried out the term “reaction” – except that brings to mind a lot of negative associations, like “allergic” and “nuclear” so I’m still looking for a single definitive word for what I do: I write about what I’ve read, and it helps me read better. Thanks for supplying educational material.